Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shooting the Wind

Had a wonderful shoot with Andy from Black Box Imagery. The wind was horrible and so what was perfect hair was turned into a perfect rats nests in less than a minute of being of outside.

But towards the end I threw it up in some bobby pins and we tried to make it work.

We definitely had fun.

We were trying to get some commercial looks – but the wind kept attacking my hair and I was eating lip gloss flavored hairspray like nobody’s business.

So in many of them I have a wicked comb over going on.

Then I wised up and pulled out the bobby pins... which helped a little.

I just like this one which is more about composition, but I thought it was really pretty...

The best stuff we got was at the end of the day when we were ‘done’ Andy suggested shooting at the beach. Photographers usually know what they are doing…

And this one is my fav, because its so me. Goofy.