Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Running on Fumes

But at least I’m running! I had a job in West Palm yesterday, had to be there at 10am – which meant I was up at 4am getting ready.

4 hour drive since I went a wee bit over the speed limit and then I had the opportunity to work with Neil van Niekerk, modeling for a group of talented photographers in a lighting course he was teaching.

It was a very last minute job, so last minute that I doubted its authenticity and I spent about a half hour researching him, checking out his phone number, calling the hotel where the seminar was being held.

“Yes… I understand he has a room there… but what kind of room?”

If theres a bed involved... I'm not interested.

Expecting a sham, I was surprised and everything checked out.

There is very little I dislike about modeling, but those things, I dislike strongly. Like working 24 hour days, driving 4-6 hours for a job and doing all over again before having the chance to re-coop because the work is there and who knows when more will come…

When it rains it pours, sometimes there’s nothing then all the sudden everyone wants you. It’s crazy.

I know, I’m so big time ;-)


The job was way more fun than I expected.

I’m no photographer, but if I was, I would want to take one of Neil’s courses. He was fun, interacting with the class, he really cared about what he was teaching.

If he saw someone falling behind, he took special time with that person and caught them up.

I have done several seminars, and he was by far the best.

I mean…. I learned stuff.

Until he started going on about ISO’s and all that I was right there.

Then of course there was the part where I worked.

It was a mixture of being in one position just to illustrate a technique and playing around, which is always fun and I enjoy more and more.

Something that I am surprised at.

I would have thought, before I started modeling, that having a face full of photographers would intimidate me, make me feel overwhelmed, shy, something bad I don’t know.

But the exact opposite happens.

I’m on like a light switch. Flashes going off one after another in my face, directions coming from everywhere, something that would seem so completely confusing does not bother me at all.

I don’t know why.

It’s curious to me really.

But I guess it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, it’s all about doing a job.

I’m always glad when I get smiles from the photographers, reassuring me that I’m doing the right thing. It can be a little disconcerting at times when your there to do a job and you just not sure if they are getting what they need.

The silent photog.

What a killer.

So that’s my story.

I’m waiting for a bunch of work to come back, you know when you get paid, the turnaround time is very slow if not nonexistent.

My blog will probably be flooded all at once with work when I get it in.

Right now, I’m going to get back to my glass of wine and my hubby.


  1. crazy girl! sounds so exciting....can't wait to see the pics.

  2. I can't wait to process the pics from this workshop! You did a fantastic job Andi!

  3. Thanks Ladies! And no pressure Cicely... I know you are super busy!!