Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Teaser... Shoot with Oeil and MissPhom

I love a challenged.

Sometimes they scare me, but I still love them.
This week I had the fantastic and scary challenge of creating a set in my house for the first time… ever.

By set, I mean - setting up a ton of cool props and making it look like something... Hey Im no pro ;-)

It was really a wonderful opportunity since I got to work with the fabulous Michelle again who invited MissPhom who is a complete delight.

Both gave me all creative freedom over the project.
I totally put together not only the sets but the creative for my wardrobe and hair.
Sonia Garza took my idea and ran with it… I’m pleased to say that even with setbacks what came out was better than I expected.

These ladies really did a wonderful job.
Here are a few teasers courtesy of MissPhom…. in record time no less!
I’ll post more about the shoot tomorrow, but for now I have to get some beauty sleep before my laptop turns into a pumpkin ;-)


Michelle with Oeil posted her own teaser on shoot

Again, everyone was really awesome to work with, I always feel very fortunate to be surrounded by such talent!

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